There’s no question: protective packaging and void fill are some of the most-in-demand supply materials.  With so many options, ranging from common bubblewrap to chipboard and corrugated sheets, you want to make sure your packages are safe and secure while in transit. Keystone Packaging prides itself with its expansive inventory of protective packaging and void fill that countless customers across the NY-NJ-PA tristate area rely on.  We carry major manufacturers such as CPI, POLYAIR, and MULTIWALL. 

Explore our expansive stock of protective packaging and void fill below:


Available in small, medium and large bubbles. Bundles are in 48″ or 96″ widths and can be slit and perforated for no additional charge. It is also offered in anti-static for electrical components.


Polyethylene foam in thicknesses ranging from 1/48″-1/2″ in bundles or sheets which can be slit or perforated and is used for surface protection, interleaving, void fill, and cushioning. Microfoam offers mint and dust free protection, and comes in anti-static, cohesive (adheres only to itself), adhesive, and with various laminated materials.

Pillow Packaging

Used for void fill or protective packaging. Allows you to make your own pillows on demand or fill hoppers for continuous flow. More economical than bubble, peanuts, and draft paper; plus faster and easier to use, making it a choice method in any high volume void filling operation where cost, speed and workers and customer satisfaction are a consideration.

Masking Tape

We offer a wide assortment for all applications including general purpose, painting, low adhesion, high adhesion, hi-temp, or low-temp.


Available in standard, biodegradable, and anti-static. Best when used with a hopper system and can be adaped in-line.


This packaging foam is available in polyethylene, polystyrene, and polyurethane. It can be used to form a protective tray, layering, surface protectio, or corner protection, and is usually custom die-cut.

Kraft Paper, Bogus Paper or Newsprint

Available in various weights, rolls or sheets; recycled or virgin. All these types of paper can be used for protective packaging or void fill.

Specialty Papers & Corrosion Inhibitors

Waxed and treated papers as well as VCI products are available.

Mailers and Pouches

Various mailers are available for internal packaging or mailing. Most are available in anti-static. Kraft mailers are available in padded, bubble, reinforced, self-seal or heat seal.

Bubble Out & Foam Pouches

Used to package individual components within the box; also available in anti-static and various sizes.

E-COM Mailers

Tear proof and weather resistant. Excellent for all types of lightweight shopments and an economic alternative to a box.

Corner/Edge Protectors

Corner protectors are custom made according to length, size and thickness requirements. They protect load sides or top edges from crushing in transit and can be custom printed. Edge protectors are available in stock sizes and protect loads from being damaged by strapping.

Single-Sided Corrugated

Single sided fluted corrugated is used for protective packaging, and is available in A, B, and C Flute, on rolls or in sheets.

Chipboard & Corrugated Sheets

Used for separating, interleaving, stabilization of products & cartons, protective packaging, and top & bottom pallet load protection. Available in custom sized and various weights.

Over the last three decades, we grew to carry big name brands for all our products.

Keystone Packaging’s extensive inventory and delivery services, such as Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), our 24-48 hour delivery period, and our 24-hour paperless online store, ensures you will get the best price on your protective packaging and void fill products with a speedy delivery every time.

All shipments leave from our Taylor, PA warehouse and Keystone Packaging offers a 100-mile delivery radius for all clients.

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