At Keystone Packaging, we know how vital strapping and its equipment are for packaging.  Over the years, we have built relationships with manufacturers who supply our customers with some of the best strapping products for your business. Northeast Industrial is a leading supplier of strapping equipment in the NY-NJ-PA tristate area.  We specialize in steel, polyester, and polypropylene strapping from manufacturers such as POLYCHEM, PAC STRAPPING, ORGPAK, and SAMUEL.

Explore some options and brands below:

Steel Strapping/Equipment

Available in a variety of widths and thicknesses. Each strapping size has a related tensile strength. Steel is considered the strongest of all strapping materials. It is available in regular duty, heavy duty, high tensile, galvanized, and punched. Secured with or without seals, there are a variety of tools available which include manual, combination, electric and pneumatic. All types are available for sealless or sealed applications. Manual tools are recommended for low volume applications. Sealless tools are easier and faster to use.

Polyester Strapping/Equipment

A widely acceptable replacement for steel in most applications. It has minimal stretch properties which keeps the load in place. It does not rust, is easy to work with, eliminates sharp edges and is an economical alternative to steel. This strapping has become popular with lumber manufacturers plus other industries. Widely used in full automated palletizing, there are also a variety of hand tools available for sealless (friction welded), or sealed applications. These include manual, electric, pneumatic, automatic and semi-automatic. The ORGAPAK battery tools offer mobility and a choice between a one button complete operation or a manual tension option.

Polypropylene Strapping/Equipment

Primarily used for semi-automatic or automatic bundling operations, this strapping can be used in light load stabilization or manual applications with the use of seals or buckles. We offer several bundling machines for application of this strapping along with tools for manual application.

Over the last three decades, we grew to carry big name brands for all our products.

Keystone Packaging ’s extensive inventory and delivery services, such as Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), our 24-48 hour delivery period, and our 24-hour paperless online store, ensures you will get the best price on your stretch film supplies with a speedy delivery every time.  All shipments leave from our Taylor, PA warehouse and Keystone Packaging offers a 100-mile delivery radius for all clients.

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