Stretch film is essential for packaging, moving, and storing bulk inventory. Keystone Packaging is at the forefront of Industrial Supply Distribution in the PA-NY-NJ tristate area.  We carry the reliable stretch film brands and equipment you can trust at prices you that fit your budget. Keystone Packaging has partnerships with SIGMA, Quintec, PHOENIX Stretchwrap Machines, and SAMUEL Stretchwrap Machines to name a few.

Explore our stretch film products and equipment inventory:

Cast Film

Machine Cast Films are available for pre-stretch levels up to 250%-300%. Single-sided cling film prevents loads from “sticking” to each other in transit and is the choice of any company who ships tight loads. We also offer the traditional two-sided cling. Cast films are generally quieter than blown films when being applied and are available with Metallocene for added strength which allows for down gauging. Hand cast films come in a variety of sizes and mils, and are used when volume is low or machine application is logistically unsuitable.

Blown Film

Blown machine films are available for pre-stretch levels up to 250%. This extremely tough film is preferred for heavy and sharp-edged loads such as concrete and stone products. Hand blown films come in a variety of sized and mils and are used when volume is low or machine application is logistically unsuitable.

UVI and Colored Films

Our stretch films are available with UVI protection of 6-12 months and come in a variety of colors for inner department control, and black fo radditional protection from the sun.

Stretch Tape

Used in bundling; available in 1″-6″ widths and a variety of mils. It is convenient and usually applied by hand.

Tools and Equipment

Hand tools include NO burn rings, core extenders, and hand-held tools with tensioning. Stretch wrap machines are available for all budgets. Semi-automatic include low profile turntable for use with pallet jacks and fork lifts; high profile turntable for use with forklifts; dual turntable for high volume; and arm machines for limited floor space or light loads. Full-automatic for in-line applications can be custom designed.

Over the last three decades, we grew to carry big name brands for all our products.

Keystone Packaging ’s extensive inventory and delivery services, such as Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), our 24-48 hour delivery period, and our 24-hour paperless online store, ensures you will get the best price on your stretch film supplies with a speedy delivery every time.

All shipments leave from our Taylor, PA warehouse and Keystone Packaging offers a 100-mile delivery radius for all clients.

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