Tape is a necessity for anyone working in packaging.  At Keystone Packaging, we carry a large variety of tapes, ranging from custom printed tape, masking tape, filament tape, and strapping tape to name a handful.  Our friendly and experienced sales team is on hand to advise you in finding the best tape for your packaging.  We also carry a large variety of tape equipment to ensure you have the right tools for your taping needs.  Keystone Packaging’s taping inventory includes brand name, reliable manufacturers such as SHURTAPE, INTERTAPE POLYMER GROUP, TESA TAPE, UNIVERSAL TAPE, REWINDS & SECONDS, BESTPAK, and MARSH. 

Explore an overview of our tape products below:

Pressure Sensitive Carton Sealing Tapes

Choose between hot melt rubber, natural rubber and acrylic adhesives in various mil thickness, in addition to hand or machine application lengths.

Custom Printed Tape

Expand your image using custom printed tape and protect your products using the various stock caution and tamper evident tapes available. You can also color code your products or customers using the various stock colors available.

Gummed Carton Sealing Tapes

These tapes are recommended for heavier boxes or for products that warrant additional tamper resistance. Choose from reinforced, non-reinforced, asphaltic or non-asphaltic. This tape is most widely applied by hand with water activated table top machines, although automated equipment is available.

Masking Tape

We offer a wide assortment for all applications including general purpose, painting, low adhesion, high adhesion, hi-temp, or low-temp.

Filament Tapes

Reinforced filament tape is an excellent choice for bundling, heavy load stabilization, metal tabbing and residue free temporary holding. It varies in thicknesses, adhesions, and fiberglass reinforcement counts.

Strapping Tapes

Tensilized polypropylene is more economical than filament tape for lighter load stabilizing and a variety of other filament tape applications.

Specialty Application Tapes

Our special application tapes include permanent bonding, plate mounting, splicing, and foam tapes for die cutting and laminating applications. Double coated tapes including Mylar, tissue tapes, paper, polyethylene foam, polypropylene, vylon and cloth. We carry duct tapes (not all duct tapes are alike) as well as unsupported or supported transfer tapes.

Tape Equipment

Let us help you choose between uniform, random, semi-automatic or fully-automatic case tapers for pressure sensitive tape to speed up your production. We will guide you in choosing the right equipment for your gummed tape application, along with hand application dispensers for pressure sensitive tapes.

Over the last three decades, we grew to carry big name brands for all our products.

Keystone Packaging’s extensive inventory and delivery services, such as Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), our 24-48 hour delivery period, and our 24-hour paperless online store, ensures you will get the best price on your tape products with a speedy delivery every time.

All shipments leave from our Taylor, PA warehouse and Keystone Packaging offers a 100-mile delivery radius for all clients.

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