At Keystone Packaging , we know you value your employees’ safety while they’re on the job.  We are here to stock you with the best safety apparel to protect your staff.  We carry an extensive inventory of gloves to meet different conditions and purposes, protective apparel, and safety supplies from trusted brands like ANSELL EDMONT, CREWS, U-VEX, NORHT, AEORO, 3M, and many more.  Safety apparel is essential to your employees’ work attire and our dedicated sales team will help you pick the items your team needs.

Explore an overview of our safety apparel below:


We carry a variety of gloves including leather palm, drivers, warehouse gloves, inspection, freezer, jersey, string knit, cotton canvas, kevlar, nitril, neoprene, PVC, latex and vinyl.


Caps, hairnets, bouffants, protective suites, sleeves, boot covers, aprons and hoods.

Safety Supplies

First aid kits, dust masks, safety goggles & belts, ear plugs & muffs, plus eye cleaning stations & supplies.

Over the last three decades, we grew to carry big name brands for all our products.

Keystone Packaging’s extensive inventory and delivery services, such as Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), our 24-48 hour delivery period, and our 24-hour paperless online store, ensures you will get the best price on your safety apparel with a speedy delivery every time.

All shipments leave from our Taylor, PA warehouse and Keystone Packaging offers a 100-mile delivery radius for all clients.

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